You can buy crypto instantly from websites like or or etc. The crypto you want to pay with is chosen, for example Litecoin with the initials LTC. As with coins, there is also a purchase fee. For this reason, when you want to pay an amount, for example 0.18239986LTC you will see that you get this amount where it says you will pay….. you will get…. You will slowly increase the amount until you see that you will get the amount 0.18239986LTC the reason is that they add the fees to the market. Where it asks where you will send or store it, you will put the address that will be given to you, for example by us. which you will see when you make a purchase and proceed to the payment, a QR code will appear and one in the form, for example, LToSBrASq1PnrRN2e84qojXE5r is the address. do for example on the second copy and paste on the website from where you will buy and send the crypto. Then check if the pasted address is spelled correctly before proceeding to buy crypto because the crypto will go to another address if it’s wrong and you’ll lose your money Where we have no responsibility.. Also you can see what is charged for each crypto by putting the value where it says what you will get by seeing how much it will cost.Also Always use a valid email.

You can view from all devices. such as tv, pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone directly through browsers such as Google, edge etc. you don’t need to download any application or buy anything. Only if you have a simple tv then buy an android box to watch through a browser. With the subscription they will give you codes and instructions. When registering, enter a valid email because they will come to you there

You usually see channels from 100+ countries. You see all REGULAR and PREMIUM. If some do not show it is a problem from where they are transmitted. We strive for the best result. In the series there are also Amazon. Disney+ etc Our channels are all over the world and are well received by all countries. For example the following countries Greece , Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Tunisia, Norway, Turkey, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia, Algeria, India, Albania, Bangladesh, Sudan, Iran, Switzerland, Thousand Rains, Morocco, Thailand, Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, United Arab Emirates.erc

No it does not renew you buy a new one


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